History Of Elieff Brothers

hiproofSteve and Paul Elieff were born and raised here in the Lansing area. In 1985 we started working in the roofing field with a well-respected local roofing contractor. We worked together learning the roofing trade until roughly 1993, when we decided to create Elieff Brothers Roofing, inc.

At first we specialized only in new construction roofing. We were responsible for the roofing for nearly 40 local building contractors. As the years passed we decided to enter into the residential re-roofing market. We found working with homeowners to upgrade and beautify their homes to be more rewarding. It also gave us the chance to do more than just install shingles.

We have branched out into a complete exteriors company, installing not just asphalt roofing but metal roofing, siding, windows, eaves troughs, and stone. Paul and I incorporate a very personal touch with every job we sell. Starting with the initial estimating process, all the way through the installation, right down to the collection of the final payment.

To say that we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction is simply an understatement! It is our main objective. We make sure every job has only the finest materials and the very best installation. You can rest easy knowing that your project has been managed thoroughly and is warranted competently. Thanks again for coming to visit us, we are looking forward to talking to you soon.

New Roof


There are two options for each roofing project. The first and by far the best is to tear off the existing roofing. This will give the crew the chance to examine the wood deck of the……..

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Serving the Lansing Mi area with professionally installed roofing, siding and windows for over 20 years. We use the highest quality materials to extend the life of the work we preform….

Storm Damage

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