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What can I expect when I call for a roofing estimate?

 First, your call will be answered by our secretary. She will ask several simple questions and set an appointment that best fits your schedule. Steve Elieff will come to your home and evaluate the roof and the attic. It is best to have any miscellaneous items out of the way of the attic scuttle beforehand. Steve has a computer and a printer in the truck so that he can produce the bid on-site. Normally it takes one hour for the entire estimating process.

How long does a re-roof generally take?

The average home will take a day or two. It all depends on the condition of the roof itself.

Is it always necessary to tear off existing shingles before re-roofing?

There are two options for each roofing project. The first and by far the best is to tear off the existing roofing. This will give the crew the chance to examine the wood deck of the structure, and at that point make any needed repairs. Another benefit is that the roof can be brought up to building code with the necessary ice shields and flashing to ensure a long lasting finished product.

The second choice is to go over the old roofing. This is called a recover reroof. A recover can fit the bill many times if the conditions of the original roof are right. There is roughly a 25% savings as compared to a tear-off reroof. Typically, a recover reroof does not last as long as a tear-off reroof, and often will not lay as flat as a tear-off.
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