We're a Proud A+ Rated BBB Service Provider

The  Better Business Bureau or better known as the BBB is a non-profit organization that ranks businesses, charities, and non-profit organizations using an Accredited Businesses rating system. Of these rankings, they only award the “A+ ratings” to the most competent, trustworthy companies. To qualify is an intense and comprehensive process that is scrutinized and very hard to achieve.

BBB A= Rating

This is why we are proud of our BBB A+ Rating in Lansing Michigan. To get the “A+ BBB” rating, you must receive a minimum of 97 points out of 100. Elieff Brothers Roofing holds itself to a high standard, one which we aim to exceed every client’s expectations on every job we tackle.

We love to see a job well done. From the free consultation to laying the final shingle, we seek to please each of our Mid-Michigan residential and commercial clients and leave them with beautiful roofs, siding, windows, or doors that are guaranteed to last and look great for years.

The Better Business Bureau also continually checks for professional licensing and insurance of its members. Ensuring that you as a prospective customer know you’re hiring with a contractor that has the proper certifications and documentation.

The Better Business Bureau also reports on bankruptcies, government actions, and questionable business practices. This way you can also check the viability of the contractor’s business before you start work with them. The BBB also monitors consumer complaints and inquiries closely to ensure complaints are resolved and that consumers are satisfied.

Don’t Choose Us Based on Our BBB Rating Alone

At Elieff Brothers Roofing, we make sure we satisfy every customer’s needs, and although we are proud of our A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau we also have hundreds of testimonials from clients that prove we deserve this rating. To read some of the most recent reviews check out our testimonial page or read them directly on Google and Facebook.