Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce

Elieff Brothers Roofing is a proud member of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce and is active in promoting both its values as an active community business member and as an industry leader throughout the region. The Chamber was Created in 1912 to serve as Lansing Michigan’s voice for its business community. Through this voice, they act as a catalyst for change by uniting the business in the greater Lansing area to collectively do what a single business couldn’t.

As the Greater Lansing Michigan Region continues to evolve and grow the Chamber strengthens its efforts to ensure businesses connect and prosper. The Chamber does this by providing clear direction and vision for Lansing’s regional businesses by establishing four main fundamentals within the community. These four fundamentals are:

  • Regional Leadership
  • Policy Influence
  • Business Values
  • Excellent Operations

Why We Joined The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce

Elieff Brothers Roofing’s values and mission are directly in line with those of the Chamber and shares a common vision the chamber has set forth for the Greater Lansing business community. To summarize the Chambers’ vision is its endeavors to be a transformational organization through leadership for the betterment of the region’s overall business prosperity and the enrichment of the area’s diverse communities. Here at Elieff Brothers, we feel strongly that by growing and strengthening the Greater Lansing Business community will only result in more opportunity for our own business to grow and prosper as well.

The Chambers value proposition is also aligned to many of our own corporate values and ones that have helped set us aside from many other contractors in the area that do not adhere to implement strong values to their services or business practices. These values are:

  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Passion
  • Positivity
  • Purpose
  • Respect
  • Success
  • Trust

Although these are the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce’s values, we also implement each one of these in our day-to-day operations and business practices. We also believe in strong business partnerships within the community and the Chamber’s mission aligns directly with this belief. Their mission, as stated here on the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce’s website, is to “Work relentlessly to help businesses connect, grow, and thrive.”