Very loaded question. There are several manufacturers that carry various levels of quality. It goes back to the old adage “you get what you pay for.” A couple pieces of advice. First, Consumers Report Magazine recently did extensive studies on all the manufactures (our consultants will have a page of synopsis of this study when they visit your home), it is a great unbiased look into the industry. Second, always beware of a company that only carries one line or from a single manufacturer. With Michigan’s 4 seasons, there are many different products that serve better for different roofing projects. Stick with a professional company that will give you many options for all your roofing, siding, windows and doors projects
Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions asked on internet, pertaining to roofing in general. Arguably, it is the most important part of the structure of your home. Obviously, it keeps elements and critters from entering your home, especially important here in Mid-Michigan. We could elaborate for hours on this, but let our consultants answer the pointed questions on this topic for you.
Full disclosure, we carry and install both. Many want metal because of the longevity behind them. This is valid. Also, snow tends to slide right off of them, some also like the look of them. If the answer is longevity only, there are now certain shingles that are designed for up to a 50 year life expectancy, at a much lower price than a metal roof. Either way, we have you covered!
Tricky question, a lot of factors involved. By in large, most standard asphalt shingles carry about 20 years, IF installed correctly, with normal non storm damage wear. We carry other types of shingle that are designed to last 50 years! Obviously, those cost more, probably not as much as you think.
Many reasons. First, it is impossible to inspect the decking without tearing the shingles off, recovering of bad decking could drastically shorten the life of your new roof, it could also lead to health issues related to mold or other spores potentially living between the decking, underlayment and shingles. Second, it would affect the warranty laid out by the manufacturers, in many cases voiding it all together. Third, when investing in a new roof, you want the longest possible life out of it. A huge part of that is installing new flashings, it is difficult, nearly impossible (to do it correctly) to achieve this without removal of the shingles. We do complete tear offs on all our roofing projects.