Absolutely! Not only will it give value to your home, new siding may also be the deciding factor for many to even entertain looking at your house in the first place, remember you are competing with hundreds if not thousands of other homes on the MLS, don’t disqualify potential buyers form the very first picture they see!
In same cases it just is due to age and elements. In many cases, it could be from poor installation, there are too many scenarios to discuss on this page, but very common. In some rare cases it could be from critters getting into the mix. In any case anything can be repaired or replaced.
For most people aesthetics plays a major roll in the replacement of siding. This is very valid being that you are going to be looking at you home several times a day. It also helps with the curb appeal for the value of your home when selling. If your old siding is “shot” there may also be concerns with the structural integrity of certain parts of your home if the components are not properly shielded from climate and other elements.