Absolutely! Much like siding, the curb appeal is obvious both driving by and by real estate listing pictures. Also, don’t forget the added energy efficiency to your home to give you a better energy bill and more daily comfort while in your home.
Full frame is always going to be the best solution for 99% of window replacement jobs. They do cost considerably more to install. If you are working on a budget, pockets will work in many cases. When you see the gimmick TV ads for cheap windows, they are always pocket replacements, no matter how big the company is with the ad. Make sure you have a consultant with a lot of experience help you with making this major investment. Research and have pointed questions to feel that person out. Doing it the wrong way can be devastating.
We must say, that Andersen Windows holds the top of the line name for their longevity and quality. But there are many other companies that offer very high-quality windows and many different price ranges. Our consultants average over 20 years’ experience in the window industry, let them help you put the right plan of action for you WITH YOU!
Please do not do this to yourself, unless you have professionally installed hundreds of them before. Our phone rings every single day with requests from people who have either attempted installing them themselves or trusted their best friends, brothers, bowling partner who can do it for them. We have seen MANY entire walls ruined from this happening. Yes, it can be expensive having them professionally installed. However, buying your own windows from a big box store, installing them improperly, etc. is simply a recipe for long term disaster for your home.