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Why We’re the Most Reliable Grand Ledge Roofing Company

Grand Ledge, Michigan, is a city that is noted for being both calm and highly developed. It’s also a community that provides people with access to the highest-quality professional roofing services available in the area. In the event that you require the services of a Grand Ledge roofer who is competent, highly skilled, and dependable, you should not hesitate to call on the services of Elieff Brothers Roofing.

As a local company, we’ve been specializing in roof repairs and replacements in the area since 1993. For the people who are a part of our large local customer base, we manage all types of roofing and exterior specialty. No matter what type of roofing project you need completing in Grand Ledge, we will meet and exceed your expectations.

Need Roofing, Doors, Windows, or Gutters in Grand Ledge?

Get in touch with the Elieff Brothers, the best Grand Ledge roofer and exterior contractor around. Our roofing contractors are professionals who assist customers in Grand Ledge, Michigan, and the surrounding areas with a wide range of issues and concerns, as well as repair them.

Roofing Grand Ledge

Do you have a leaking roof or shingles that are beginning to deteriorate?

If this is the case, it may be necessary to update your roof. We understand that replacing your home’s roof is a significant financial and time commitment. This is why we provide great client service, interaction, and workmanship on every project.

Not only do you want your home’s roof to be attractive, but you also want it to be sturdy and survive the extremes of Michigan’s seasonal weather. Every ten years, the majority of residential roofs are replaced or repaired. You may assist lower the cost of replacement in the future by carefully selecting your roofing material. You’ll use less building material in the long term, take up less landfill space, and put less strain on our natural resources. Your home’s value and energy efficiency can both be improved by replacing your roof.

Long-lasting roof shingles will preserve your home for many years. Elieff Brothers will offer you great customer service and workmanship whether you require small shingle repairs, routine maintenance, or a complete roof replacement.

  • Repairing and patching shingles
  • Replacement of the Roof
  • Roof Repair and Upkeep
Grand Ledge Roofer

Windows Grand Ledge 

Elieff Brothers provides high-quality window installation services for both residential and commercial clients. New windows can help you save money by increasing energy efficiency, reducing condensation, and even lowering your HVAC bills. Elieff Brothers has a wide selection of window styles. Allow us to assist you in selecting the best windows for your house or business.

We can create custom-sized windows to complement the design of your house or office. We can also help you choose the appropriate hardware and window locks to match your new windows.

Heating Costs are Reduced with New Replacement Windows

Energy efficient windows can help you save money on heating expenditures in your house or company, which is especially significant in Michigan because of the harsh weather. Because less heat escapes, it takes less energy to keep your home or office warm. Insulation is provided by new replacement windows. Dual-paned windows with low-e coatings protect your furniture, flooring, and other items from fading caused by sunshine. Gas fillers can be used between the panes of new windows, increasing the insulating “R” value and lowering heating expenditures during the long Mid-Michigan winters.

Reduce the amount of noise outside

Do you live or work near a busy thoroughfare? The noise is kept outside by the new windows, which are more insulated. The gas in the space between the window panes helps to muffle outside noises in your house or office.

Gutters Grand Ledge

Michigan experiences strong rains, especially in the spring and fall. Water damage to your home or office may occur without a strong gutter system. Gutters are vital in keeping water away from the house. Without gutters, water may damage your roof and sometimes even your siding. A new gutter system is much less expensive than a new roof, siding, or even a restoration business.

A well-functioning gutter system will:

  • Roof rot and mold prevention
  • Reduce window condensation
  • Keep water away from your building’s foundation

When to Change Gutters

Many building and home owners do not know when to replace gutters. The indicators of replacement can be subtle or quite obvious. It’s time for replacement gutters if yours are broken, cracked, sagging, or leaking.

Gutter System Types

Gutter systems come in many varieties. Depending on your roof and home’s style, one style may be better than another. Aluminum, vinyl, copper, and steel gutters are available. Some gutter systems have screens and filters to keep leaves and other material out. Regardless of gutter design, regular gutter cleaning is required to prevent accumulation. This is critical throughout Michigan’s fall season.

Elieff Brothers can help you choose the best gutter system for your house or business. Request a free estimate today!

Why Elieff Brothers

As your next Grand Ledge roofer, we provide various benefits. Our crew is here to assist you with any roofing issue, no matter how simple or complex. They can aid you through a tiny leak or address major mold issues quickly. We can help!

All Grand Ledge residents and businesses receive a free examination and reasonable pricing. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with your roof. Call (517) 627-7999 or fill out our online form to schedule a repair. You can also read our customers’ Google and Facebook reviews to see how people truly feel about our work!