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Looking for a Holt roofer who consistently gets amazing reviews from their past customers? Then call Elieff Brothers Roofing at (517) 627-7999

We’ve been serving both homeowners and businesses as a premiere Holt roofer for over 25 years. Don’t waste your energy and effort on a Holt roofing professional who just isn’t up to par, we can point you in the right direction at any time.

We’re There When You Need Us

If your roof is leaking or has any other kind of trouble, the professional team at Elieff Brothers is here for you. Even if you don’t have any definitive proof there’s actually a problem, still, give us a call. We have found that homeowner’s gut feelings are usually spot on.

We will send one of our specialist Holt roofers out to your house right away. Here’s the best news, we won’t charge you a dime to evaluate the situation, even if it turns out there’s nothing wrong at all.

However, if your gut was right and it turns out there’s an issue with your roof, gutters, or fascia, we’ll sit down with you and discuss exactly what’s going on and your different options to remedy the problem.

For more than 25 years, the Elieff Brothers team has been providing our free evaluations throughout Mid-Michigan and it has been one of the secrets to our success. Not only because we have earned a trustworthy reputation within the community but when we do find a problem, we fix them immediately, helping prevent small issues turn into big ones.

We’re Not Just Roofers

Commercial and residential roofing might be how we got our start more than 25 years ago, but for the last two decades, we have expanded our expertise to include a wide range of other exterior services as well. Our full scope of services also include siding installs, window and door repair and installations, and one of our favorites, custom deck construction.

Basically we can help you fix, replace or install pretty much anything on the exterior of your home or commercial building.

This isn’t us adding services willy nilly. Before we decide to offer any new service, we take the time to thoroughly learn all the best practices and techniques involved and to handpick manufacturers that provide products that will hold up under our extreme winter weather as well as take a pounding from our violent hail storms.

To accomplish this, our team attends several conferences every year to keep us up to date on best practices and we constantly host in-house learning seminars, where product representatives from some of the most trusted manufacturers come to us to provide hands-on learning.

Another thing to add is that we hand select each of our products based on some very scrutinizing criteria. Most of the products we use are exterior products and will be exposed to the weather all year long. So our most important line of scrutiny is if the product is manufactured to be durable enough to hold up in our climate. Secondly, and although admittedly not quite as important as the previous point, is the products must also look great.

We use a wide range of products and manufacturers, some of which you will instantly recognize, like Owens Corning, Andersen Windows, and Trex Decks. However, we didn’t choose these products because they have a brand name or are trending on some DYI home show, as mentioned above we choose only the best, so we can offer you the best.

Holt Roofer

Roof Installation Service in Holt

Some brave homeowners try to fix or even install their owner roofs. This can not only be a serious mistake for the integrity of your roof and your home but also could lead to life-threatening injuries. It takes years of experience to understand all the nuances of roofing and well worth your time and money to hire a professional to handle it for you.

Our team members have installed thousands of roofs in and around the Lansing area. They have also installed roofs of all shapes and sizes from tiny homes to huge commercial structures. They have learned, through these experiences and from formal education provided by our manufacturer, how to avoid injury, and to secure each and every part of your roof. This is why when you’re considering your next roof project hire us, your Holt Roofer.

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If you’re in need of a Holt Roofer or an exterior contractor, then don’t hesitate to give us a call at (517) 627-7999. There are two main reasons we are considered the best Holt Roofer around and they are:

  1. We always take care of our customers, including our 100% free evaluation
  2. We offer a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee on all replacement and new roof installs

These two things set us apart from our competitors and ar the main reason most consider us to be the best.