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It can be difficult to find a roofer and exterior contractor that you can trust. Here at Elieff Brothers, we want to reassure you that you can place your trust in us, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. We are a family run business that has been serving the community of Laingsburg since 1993 and built a reputation of being the best roofers and exterior contractors in town. We have also been voted the most riveting Laingsburg Roofer for 4 years in a row. Hear it for yourself by reading our kind customer reviews

We are here to take away the overwhelm and frustration and provide you with the best and most efficient services you can find in Laingsburg. Read more to find out what we can offer you. 

Roofing Services 

Here at Elieff Brothers, we are well-known for our roofing expertise in Laingsburg. We pride ourselves in being awarded industry-leading accolades for our top solutions, including being a CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster, paired with a 10-year award member with CertainTeed. 

A good quality roof over your home in Laingsburg is vital. Your roof not only allows you to keep the heat in and make it more energy-efficient, but it will also ensure your home is safe, secure and reduce any health hazards. A good roof is a solid investment, as with pivotal weather changes in Laingsburg, it needs to be strong enough to withstand all kinds of conditions. It will ensure all water is kept outside, where it should be. If any were to leak into your property, you risk your home weakening, mold growing on the walls, unsightly puddles, structural damage and pest infestations. 

To prevent any of this trouble, you should hire a professional roofer in Laingsburg to repair any damage before it becomes irreversible.

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Gutter Services 

Gutter cleaning and repairs are not something you should push to the bottom of your priority list. Your gutters are a vital piece of equipment on your property that prevents water damage and protects its structural integrity. Clean and clear gutters are crucial for the proper management of the flow of water around your property, especially when the weather is bad. Without gutters, the heavy rainfall will not be adequately directed and instead, build up around your home and cause costly water damage and safety problems over time. 

Elieff Brothers are specialist contractors in Laingsburg who are fully equipped to deal with any exterior problems, like guttering, that you may be facing. 

Windows and Doors

Are your windows looking old and worn down? Is your door letting in cold air? Are you constantly being disrupted by the busy road and noisy neighbors? 

Windows and doors play a major role in any home. They allow the passage of air through your home while keeping your family, and your belongings safe and sound by keeping unwanted intruders out. They are just as important as the typical infrastructural components of your home, such as the bricks and beams, as the size, design and material contribution to the overall structure and maintenance of the house. This means they need to be of high quality and kept in good condition. This is especially important if you want to better control the climate of your home, reduce the external noise, and make them look modern and attractive.

Regardless of the problem you are facing with your windows and doors, Elieff Brothers hold the solution. Make sure your property is well protected with the highest quality windows and doors, that are safe and secure, will keep the noise and cold air out of your home, and look attractive. All your neighbors will be jealous!

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Whether you are considering an external upgrade, or are having structural problems with your roof, gutters, windows or doors, Elieff Brothers are here to help. Our team of specialists are friendly and approachable, and ready to help you improve your home. Give us a call, or complete our online form today, and we can talk you through the extensive range of services we can offer you, provide you with advice, and customize the best solution to meet your requirements. 

Don’t leave problems until they get worse. If you suspect any damage or problem, no matter how small, you should get a specialist to investigate it for you. We offer free, no-obligation quotes and base our services on complete honesty and transparency. We only want the best for your home and your well-being. 

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