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If you’re looking for the number one roofer in Marshall, you have come to the right place! Elieff Brothers Roofing is the leading roofing repair and renovation company found in Marshall and the Greater Lansing area. Since 1993, we have provided high-quality work for a range of clients and customers throughout the local community to ensure their homes are protected from common roof damage and other issues. 

When to Call a Marshall Roofer 

Your roof is often out of sight and out of mind, especially any damage that can be difficult to see from the ground. Living in Marshall, you know how wicked the wind and weather can get, and this enhances the risk of your roof, doors, windows, and your gutters getting damaged during a storm.

Roof damage can have severe repercussions for any home. It affects energy efficiency, invites critters, and can even lead to substantial rot damage if you’re not careful. The team at Elieff Brothers Roofing is on hand to assist you with all your repair requirements. From doors and windows to gutters and roofs, we have the tools and the know-how to lend a helping hand and protect your property. 

Marshall Roofer

Why Choose Us?

Since 1993, Elieff Brothers have served the local community and surrounding area. This has made us one of the most reliable and respected roofing companies in the state, and our reputation is well known in Central Michigan and beyond. We pride ourselves on several crucial approaches that you won’t find elsewhere, meaning you can trust us more than anything else. Keep reading to see what sets us apart from other roofing companies!

Free Inspection

One of our major services is the free inspection for roofs, windows, gutters and doors. Anything Marshall residents request us to look at we can! This free inspection does not come with any obligation, but it will highlight the issues that could put your home at serious risk of damage if left unresolved. 

Our inspection will cover inside and outside the property, looking for severe problems such as leaks or holes around the attic. Outside, we inspect the gutters and shingles to make sure there is nothing that puts your property at risk. 

If we determine some issues require attention, we will outline the specific needs that allow you to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Rapid Response 

The most severe roof problems require urgent attention, and you can rely on our team to visit your property as soon as we become aware of any issues. We understand how quickly leaks or other problems can get out of him, but we also know that it is often just a quick repair that will make it right. 

We don’t want to put your home or family at risk, so you can rely on our team to make quick but effective repairs and changes to your property. We do not believe in forcing customers to wait around, so you can rely on us to get the job done quickly and accurately the first time. 

High-Quality Materials 

From offering the best gutter work that Marshall has to offer, to providing secure and stable replacements for all types of roof materials; You can rely on Elieff Brothers to deliver a top-notch experience for your home and property. We can replace existing issues or make simple repairs. Whatever you need, you can feel confident that these materials are built to last. 

This promise comes from decades of experience throughout the team, all of whom bring a unique skill to the table. We only work with the most reputable manufacturers so you can trust that anything we install will remain there for good. 

A Friendly Approach

Elieff Brothers Roofing has a storied history of being the most dependable flooring business in the area. This reputation comes from our friendly approach that puts our customers at ease following the work. If you have any lingering concerns about future repairs, we are happy to schedule a yearly inspection to keep an eye on your roof’s condition and prevent problems from escalating. 

This dedication to our customers is what makes us the only company you should call because you know you and your home will be treated with respect and care. 

Get In Touch Today

For all your roofing needs as well as any door, window or gutter repairs, Elieff Brothers Roofing has the solution. Our highly experienced and professional team is ready to help you with any repair requirements. Get in touch with us today by calling (517) 627-7999, or sending an email to to find out how we can assist you. We look forward to hearing from you!