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Elieff Brothers Roofing is Mason’s number one roofing company. We boast years of experience, having been founded in 1993, and since then, our team of experienced, diligent, and professional roofers has helped customers across Mason, Lansing, and Mid-Michigan. If you are looking for a reliable Mason roofer, you have come to the right place. 

The Importance of a Healthy Roof 

Your roof serves as protection from all sorts of weather issues and more, for your home or business. This is why it is so important that you know what to do if your roof and the fixtures surrounding your roof, such as doors, windows, and gutters, experience damage from the result of wear and tear or from a storm. 

Many homeowners and businesses do not realize something is wrong until it is too late. Because of this, you must understand how to identify problems in your roof and get in touch with Elieff Brothers before things get out of hand. 

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Common Roofing Issues

Many problems can affect your roof, but some are more common than others. Recognizing these issues before they become too severe ensures your roof and property will remain safe and secure for as long as you require it. 

Leaks and Holes

Leaks and holes in your roof can be caused by numerous factors. Usually, it happens because of storm damage, which is especially common when you consider the extreme weather Mason encounters. Critters and debris from nearby trees can also cause severe issues. Holes in your roof will attract local wildlife to set up a home in your roof area, while your home’s energy efficiency will plummet, as it is too easy for the heat to escape. 

Water Stains 

Water stains and discoloration are other signs of leaks in your roof and it shows that the water has penetrated the walls. If left alone, there is a chance the water can impact your property’s structure, which poses a significant risk for you, your family, or any employees and customers that visit the building. 


As an expert in repairing any roof or gutter, our team is well-versed in identifying drooping problems. The experience found within the team means that we are confident we can handle any roofing issue. 

We know that some roofing problems are invisible to the untrained eye, but if you have any suspicions about the common roof issues above, or have noticed evidence of other problems in your gutters or around your door and windows, you should get in touch as soon as possible. 

Our Roofing Promise

Elieff Brothers provide a wide range of roofing and similar services that will repair your roof and keep it in excellent condition. If you have any roofing concerns, or would like us to visit your property to carry out an obligation-free inspection, we can do this for you and provide advice over what solutions are best for you to consider. 

Home Safety 

Whether you need us to carry out preventative treatment, to halt roof issues in their tracks, or speak with our Mason windows experts, we guarantee that we will make your home as safe as possible. This means our repairs will protect your home from further damage and keep it safe from intruders. Elieff Brothers consider safety a top priority for all of our customers, and with high-quality materials sourced from reputable manufacturers, you can trust our methods to get the job done. 

Home Satisfaction 

Everyone wants to feel proud of their home or office, and with the highest-quality doors and windows Mason can provide, we promise that you will feel comfortable and satisfied within the building. This allows you to welcome guests, clients, and more, showing your house off throughout the year and keeping it looking just as you’ve always envisioned it. 

Home Value

Roof damage, as well as damage to your windows and doors, can severely impact the value of your property. Working with Elieff Brothers means you can maintain the exceptional value that your home has to offer. Feel free to speak with our team about possible upgrades, including the finest gutters Mason has for you to discover and transform your home for the better. 

Get In Touch Today 

If you have any roofing repairs that require urgent attention both inside and out, get in touch with Elieff Brothers Roofing today. Our team is available at (517) 627-7999 or via our email address of info@ElieffBrothers.com. Speak to a member of our qualified and experienced team today to find out more about how Elieff Brothers can help solve all your roofing needs. 

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