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As a premier Okemos roofer for over 25 years, we have serviced several homes and office buildings in the area. We are a five-star professional roofing service with over 4.7 stars on Google My Business, 4.8 stars on Facebook and have an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). If you ever need a professional Okemos roofer for your home or business that you can trust, don’t have to hesitate to call us at (517) 627-7999.

We’ve been installing, repair and replacing roofs in the region since our inception back at the start of the nineties. Roofs are pretty important and a lot of times overlooked. With our severe Michigan winters and harsh hail storms, most Okemos roofs take a beating. For instance, hail can cause small unnoticeable damage that is responsible for all sorts of problems.

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There truly isn’t a roof problem we can’t fix. Over the past 25 plus years, we have been in business, we’ve seen and fixed it all. Most clients call us because of a small leak, missing some shingle, or similarly small issues. However, these are all signs of potential problems with your roof’s integrity, that if not dealt with swiftly could manifest into a serious or even catastrophic problem.

If you’re frustrated by your home or business’s roof, due to leaks, drafts, or even simply it’s aesthetics, we can help you remedy this quickly and painlessly. We provide a free consultative service to all residents and businesses in Okemos.

Okemos Roofer

We usually can save your roof from having to be replaced by finding and diagnosing the problem early on. If your roof does need to be replaced we will work with you to find the perfect solution that will not only looks great but will stand the test of time. All our replacement roofs come with a 20-year guarantee, so you can have peace of mind that you’re covered for years to come.

We’re Your Okemos Roofer

As we pointed out previously, never make the mistake of delaying any kind of roof problem, no matter how small. If you dismiss it, then you are almost 100% guaranteed major issues the next time a big storm comes rolling across Mid-Michigan. If you want to nip a leak in the bud, we can find it and seal it in a jiffy. If you want to tackle dark streaking on the top of your roofs, let us come and fix that too.

We’ll not only fix the obvious problems but with our free home inspection, we’ll find any and all problems with your roof and help you fix them fast and cost-effectively. This is why you should always consider Elieff Brothers to be your next trusted Okemos Roofer.

Roofing Services That We Offer Okemos

Depending upon the type of situation that your home is in, we can help you with either a roof replacement or roof repair. Given Michigan’s climate, you might have your roof damaged in a hailstorm, or you might have some issues from the heavy weight of snow during winter. Here are some of the ways that we can help you throughout the year:

  • Emergency roof repairs are simply for things that just can’t wait. If you need a repair done on your roof, give us a call whenever you’d like, we can help make sure that your home is safe.
  • Roof replacements are needed on a home from time to time. If you work with Elieff Brothers, we’ll make sure that you have a new roof that is installed correctly the first time and we’ll help you with the upkeep over the years.
  • We can also help you with siding, windows, and other exterior contracting products that you need.

Our Okemos Roofing Process

If you are wondering how we go about working on commercial and residential roofing projects, we’ll tell you a little bit about how our roofing process works:

  1. We can get you a competitive estimate to help get the process rolling.
  2. We’ll make sure that we get you the right type of shingles, let it be asphalt, wood shakes, slate or other materials to match your existing home.
  3. We will also make sure that we remove and dispose of all materials from the old roof in a correct manner.
  4. We’ll get your roof installed as fast as we can. For smaller residences, we can have your roof replaced within a few days. Larger homes may take a little bit longer.

Other Okemos Services: Decks, Windows, Doors, and Siding

We also offer a variety of other exterior services to Okemos businesses and it’s residents. We also build beautiful custom decks, install marvelous windows and doors, and construct a variety of different types of siding and wall coverings as well. Take a look at our gallery of projects below to see a few of our projects we’ve done right here in Okemos and click on the projects link to see our other projects throughout the Lansing area.

From these galleries, you’ll see our work looks great and if you also read the testimonials below you will come to realize that our customers are blown away by our craftsmanship and customer service. Just remember that if you’re in the Okemos area and need any exterior services, just give a call or fill out our online form and we’ll call you the brothers have got you covered.

Our Recent Okemos Projects