Allamce Window

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Who They Are

Alliance Windows or known as AWA is actually a national network of regional manufacturers that banded together to meet both customer demands and to limit their vulnerability to the mega international brands. Through this union, they were able to combine not only high-quality products but also share years of trade secrets and technology, helping create their Windgate series.

This window line is one of the m0st superior lines any has seen to date and they have even backed it with a 100% lifetime warranty, the strongest in the industry. Each window is meticulously fabricated by a regional producer using the scope and design passed down through the network. This is an amazing collaborative group that even has a local Michigan manufacturer.

Why We Use Alliance Windows?

Here at Elieff Brothers, we strive to only use the best products in the industry. Our Lansing weather is extreme enough that it’s important to find the products that will stand up to freezing temperatures and relentless hail storms. Alliance Windows not only check all of these boxes but we also like the idea of working with a collective of small business owner like us.

Ones that have banded together to compete with the national and international brands. It, not just lip service either, we know these guys and they take pride in their work. Each window, although specked to meet match consistency and standards, they are still made almost by hand by a small business owner that’s part of the bigger collective.

We still like our national brands too but needless to say, the Alliance Windows company is unique and one of a kind just like their products.

Alliance Windows

Where to View their Examples

You can see various examples of their products on their website at, unfortunately, their site isn’t the best and the product images are unfortunately pretty lackluster and vague. This might be were national brands have them buy the tail, but we have catalogs here at our offices or you can take a look at our only Project’s Gallery to view some of the local houses we have installed these windows on.

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