New Commercial Roof Holiday Inn Charlotte, MI

Project Description

Holiday Inn Charlotte

It was a scorching hot day in Charlotte, Michigan, and the roofers’ crew arrived at the new Holiday Inn Hotel site. The hotel was enormous, towering several stories high, and the roof was equally massive. But the team was excited for the challenge ahead.

Steve Elieff gathered the crew together to review the day’s plans. They would be tearing off the old roof and putting on a new one, using top-of-the-line materials to ensure the hotel would be protected from the elements for years to come.

The crew set to work, carefully removing the old roof section by section. As they worked, they chatted and joked, enjoying the camaraderie of a hard day’s work. Despite the heat, the team was in good spirits, enjoying the job challenge.

After several hours of hard work, the old roof was finally removed, and the team began to install the new one. The materials were heavy and difficult to work with, but the crew was up to the task. They carefully laid each roof section, ensuring it was perfectly level and secure.

As the day wore on, the team began to feel the effects of the heat. They drank plenty of water and took breaks as needed, but the work was still grueling. But they pressed on, determined to finish the job quickly and efficiently.

Finally, as the sun set, the crew put the finishing touches on the roof. They stood back and admired their work, proud of their accomplishments. The new top was sturdy and secure, ready to protect the Holiday Inn Hotel for years.

The team was exhausted but satisfied as they packed up their tools and headed home. Thanks to their hard work, they knew they had done a great job and the hotel’s guests would be safe and comfortable again. And they knew that, despite the challenges they had faced, they would be ready to tackle the next job that came their way.

Project Details