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Elieff Brothers’ Jobs Completed In Michigan (6000+)

We helped this homeowner out with a repair on his roof in Dewitt, MI. He was in the process of selling the home, so it needed to be completed to finish the sale. Both the buyer and seller of this real estate transaction were excited about the repair being completed.

Window replacement and installation on Lake Geneva in Dewitt, MI. Homeowner had original windows in their home. We were able to go in and install them in one day, we have the best installers!

New roof replacement completed in Haslett, MI. Homeowner chose CertainTeed Landmark shingles for the job. Always nice seeing a house that looks so nice with the finished roof.

Here is a roof we replaced in the Churchill Downs neighborhood in Lansing, MI. We used CertainTeed shingles to complete the job. It was finished within a day.

We did a bank job… wait, let’s rephrase that. We replaced the roof on this bank in Delta Township in Lansing, MI. We used CertainTeed Shingles on the building. It sure looks nice driving by!

Reroof we performed due to an aged roof of 20 plus years. We used CertainTeed shingles. The job was located in the Shoals Subdivision in Okemos, MI.

Window replacement completed in Okemos, MI. We installed full frame replacement windows around the entire house. Not only do they look great, but they make the home so energy efficient.

Here is a roof we were working on in Columbia Lakes Subdivision in Mason. MI. We actually completed hundreds of roof jobs in that area following a hail storm that destroyed a lot of roofs, siding and even some windows and skylights. Having the right company and consultant help you navigate through the insurance process makes all the difference.

Roof installed in new construction on Stillman Rd, in Mason, MI. Good homebuilders know better than to go with the cheap bid guys, they look for quality installs. We shingled this home in less than a day.

We did a vinyl siding replacement and installation on Lake Geneva in Dewitt, MI. As you can see the homeowner definitely chose the right color and materials. It looks great!

We installed new roofs at Creekside Landing Condos in Haslett, MI. The new roofs make the homes look majestic. The home you are looking at took less than 2 days to complete from tear off to installation.

One of our crews working hard on a roof in Holt, MI (Delhi Township, MI). The homeowner sustained damage from a hailstorm. Dave, is the head of our storm damage division, and was able to help the homeowner navigate through the insurance claim process. On this project, the homeowner chose Atlas Pinnacle shingles.

We roofed this commercial building in East Lansing, MI. It only took 2 days, start to finish. We put CertainTeed shingles on the roof, per the boards request. Having the proper roping equipment and the right crews makes all the difference in the world.

New roof we installed in Lansing, MI (Delta Township). Fairly quick job completed in one day. Custom chose Atlas shingles.

A roof replacement we performed in Okemos, MI. Homeowner chose to have CertainTeed Landmark Shingles installed. Elieff Brothers Roofing, means quality every time!

Beautiful new roof we installed on Riverwood Dr in Okemos, MI. The homeowner chose CertainTeed Shingles. Our roofers are the best! Quality is everything!

Here is a roof we replaced after it was destroyed by hail on Lakeridge Dr. in Mason, MI. The homeowner chose Atlas Shingles and the roof was completed in one day.

Roof installation completed downtown Williamston, MI. Granted, the pic has a little shade, but it is a beautiful job. We were able to complete this in less than a day.

Window replacement and installation in Dewitt, MI. Beautiful home needed a few windows replaced. Kirt stepped in and did a masterful job.

Replacement window and patio door installation completed in Haslett, MI. Greg was called out to put a patio door in the home. They were so happy with the work, we came out and installed a picture window on a later date.

New roof we installed in Lansing, MI (Delta Township). Fairly quick job completed in one day. Custom chose Atlas shingles.

We replaced one of the elevations of a roof on the Delta Township Fire Department Building Lansing, MI 48917. We used CertainTeed asphalt shingles on this job. It was a quick project that lasted less than a day.

Installed new roofs in a condo complex in Lansing, MI (Delta Township 48917). This particular building was finished within 2 days. The board went with CertainTeed shingles for the job. This was in the Verndale Lakes condo association.

We were called out to take care of a repair on this house. It ended up needing a new chimney cap, which we made and installed. The homeowner also had us bend metal and put up new fascia on her home. The home is located in Delta Township (Lansing, MI).

A roofing job we finished this spring. The homeowner chose Owens Corning shingles, located on Riverwood Drive in Okemos, MI.

New roof we installed in Mason, MI. The homeowner chose Atlas Pinnacle shingles for the roof replacement. This job took less than a day.

New roof replacement and skylights at a home in Williamston, MI. We used CertainTeed Landmark Shingles as well as Velux Skylights to complete the job. Beautiful homes like this make the roofing business fun!