Why We're the Best Lansing Commercial Contractor

Most of Lansing’s contractors are only really capable of providing residential services. Surprisingly, most of them also advertise themselves as full-scale commercial contractors. Unfortunately, they usually end up dropping the ball due to manpower limitations, lack of resources or they simply don’t have the experience to get it done.

At Elieff Brothers, we have over 25 years of experience as a commercial contractor, in fact, that’s how we got our start. We not only have the experience, but we also have the manpower and the machinery to take on even the largest commercial projects. We’ve done it all from multiple floor hotels and apartment buildings to single level churches and multi-family condos. No matter the size we know how to get your commercial project done on time and under budget every time.

We pride ourselves on being master roofers, but we have also mastered several other commercial exterior services as well like siding installation, and windows & doors repair to name a few. Our in-house team has all the right commercial certifications and top ratings from top manufacturers like CertainTeed, Altas Roofing, and Owens Corning to name a few.

Commercial Roofing

Thinking of hiring a commercial contractor to tackle your building’s roof? Elieff Brothers can install, repair, and replace any commercial roof. We have the team, the know-how, and over 25 years of commercial roofing experience under our belts.

We offer the following commercial roofing services:

  • Commercial Roof Installations
  • Commercial Roof Repairs
  • Commercial Roof Replacements

If you need any of the services above Elieff Brothers Roofing is the right commercial contractor for the job. Call us at (517) 627-7999 or click here and fill out our online contact form and we’ll reach out to you. If you want to read more about our commercial roofing services click the button below.

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Commercial Windows & Doors

We have extensive experience as a commercial contractor installing, repairing, or replacing commercial windows and doors in the Lansing Michigan area. If your office or commercial building is in need of new Windows or Doors or you need to replace or repair your current building’s windows and doors, we can provide the best-in-class service for any commercial project.

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Commercial Siding

With over 25 years of experience installing, repairing, and replacing siding as a commercial contractor in the Greater Mid-Michigan area, we’ve worked on siding projects all sizes from large hotels to small office buildings. We are considered the leading commercial contractor in the area not only because we only use top-quality products but we also finish on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

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Multi-Family Services

Through our vast experience providing multi-family services, we’ve figured out the best ways to overcome most of the inherent complexities of these projects sometimes have. Another reason we get it right every time is our in-house, well-trained team, and our high-tech tools and machines necessary to service the large jobs.

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Why Us?

We’re highly experienced, and our workmanship has a lifetime warranty. The team that will be working on your building has over 20 years of experience on average. The owners, Steve, and Paul Elieff are always on the first line of work.

When you call for an estimate, they are the first ones to come to your place and look at what you need. Working in the field since the 90s, these guys have seen everything there is in the construction business. There’s nothing they can’t do and be sure that they have the proper team to do it.

Bottom line

Elieff Brothers Roofing is the best in this business because aside from roofing services in Lasing Michigan and the area, they’ll provide other services, too, allowing you to relax and quit searching elsewhere for contractors doing the rest of the job for your new business building.