Commercial Windows & Doors

Elieff Brothers Roofing has extensive experience installing, repairing, or replacing commercial windows and doors in the Lansing Michigan area. If your office or commercial building is in need of new Windows or Doors or you need to replace or repair your current building’s windows and doors, we can provide the best-in-class service for any commercial project.

Through our 25 plus years of providing commercial services, we have vetted many different products and brands of commercial windows and doors. We have been very thorough in this vetting process, resulting in a handful of top-notch brands and products that not only look great but also hold up to our harsh Michigan weather.

We have also made sure that all of our products have the highest rating for energy efficiency and provide the right type of lighting for the project at hand.

Commercial Windows & Doors Projects

We can help you no matter the size or complexity of your commercial project. We are hands down the most experienced commercial windows & doors contractor in the Mid-Michigan area. We have successfully done large hotels to small multi-family projects and we know the various city, state, and area regulations and codes to ensure the project goes smoothly from the start.

We also pride ourselves on finishing on-time and within or under the original budget. Our in-house team of commercial window and door specialists are always up to date with their training and offer the best most current techniques and services.

What Type of Commercial Window Services Do We Offer?

We offer three main services when it comes to windows and doors and it basically boils down to window and door installations, repairs, or replacements. Most of our services are centered in or around Lansing but we have helped building owners in Detroit Our and as far as Grand Rapids with their windows and doors.

As with almost all of our commercial and residential services, we always begin our journey together with a factual and honest evaluation of your current situation. Once we have the full picture, we then sit down with you and have a conversation that outlines all your best options. This may include a whole new set of windows or doors but usually, we can repair the current ones with minimal interruption to your tenants or your business.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t try to push you towards the most expensive option but rather try and give you several options to choose from. We do this because we found that being upfront and straight forward will not only win your trust but it usually earns us your future business.

Our current window and door services are detailed below and if you need even more info simply click on any of them to learn even more about what we do, How we do it, and what products we use. If we do end up replacing your roof or we provide you with our new installation services, our work always comes with a 100% guarantee our work will look amazing and last many years into the future.

New Installation

For new projects or additions to existing buildings, we will work with you and your construction company to find the best solution for the new project. We have particular expertise and knowledge when it comes to choosing the right commercial windows or doors for the project at hand.

Many construction companies are great at building the foundation and erecting the overall building but when it comes to getting the perfect solution for windows and doors, many look to exterior contracts like Elieff Brothers to provide the service. If you’re building a new commercial building or just adding on to an existing one, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out our form and we will be right there to help.


Whether your windows were damaged in a storm or if a door gets damaged in an accident, we can help. If we were the original installer of your windows and doors they may be covered by the manufactures warranty or by one of our guarantees.

However, if your windows and doors weren’t originally installed by us, is a brand we service or are the building’s original windows and doors, it might be best to consider our replacement services. No matter the situation we can come out and look over the damage and give you the best options with our free evaluation service.


Many commercial buildings in our area were built before energy-efficient windows even existed. Others have had more recent replacements but have been installed wrong or have been worn down over the years. We are happy to come and take a look at your building and evaluated the situation. We will always look for the best solution that will be cost-effective and stand the test of time.

We offer several different commercial window and door products that will allow you to meet your desired budget and provide your building with the maximum protection and energy efficiency you desire. If you’re looking to replace your commercial building’s windows or doors give us a ring or fill out our online form and we will call you. We will then schedule a time to give you a free evaluation.

Why we’re Better Than the Rest

We don’t just earn our clients’ trust through our refreshing upfront evaluations, but we solidify it through our craftmanship and superior services. Part of which relies upon us choosing the best products and materials for the job at hand.

Our product selection not only takes into account the aesthetics pf your building but we also make sure these products will last and withstand the extremes of our Michigan weather. Additionally, we always use top name products and brands when installing commercial windows and doors. It not because we’re snobs, it due to the products themselves.

Well established companies have usually earned their spot in the limelight by only bring the best and most rigorously tested d products to market but actually our main reason we choose to use these companies’ products is they offer the best in class warranties which align nicely with our 100% craftmanship guarantee we give our clients.¬†These brands are one which names we’re sure you have heard like Andersen and Alliance windows.