Why We're the Best Custom Deck Contractor in Lansing

If you pay any attention to the outdoor spaces that surround homes, then odds are high that you know a lot about decks and how they work. You may also know some of the professional custom deck contractors that install beautiful decks in and around Lansing and perhaps have heard our name, Elieff Brothers Roofing. We have installed several decks in the areas that have become a big deal in the outdoor design realm and are often coveted and talked about around town.

If you’re looking to install a fresh new deck in or near Lansing, then it’s up to you to contact us at Elieff Brothers Roofing. We’re a highly regarded local custom deck contractor that specializes in all kinds of deck repair, deck installation, deck replacement, and deck maintenance services. If you’re looking for a professional custom deck contractor that has a lot of experience with residential decks of all sorts, then our company can serve you nicely.

We only use best products from the top manufacturers like Trex and CertainTeed to name a few. We make sure these decking products are not only top of the line but are also manufactured to withstand the cold winters and harsh hail storms Mid Michigan can sometimes serve up.

Do You Need Our Custom Deck Contractor or Repair Services?

Our technicians know how to identify and take care of all kinds of issues that routinely affect home decks. If professional repair work is in your deck’s near future, then you may be able to figure that out all by yourself. You may not be able to locate all of the hardware components that are part of your deck. Your deck boards may have considerable splits. If your deck is made out of wood, then it may be in the midst of degradation.

Wood rotting isn’t something that’s atypical in the decking sector. Think about the stairs and railings that make up your deck as well. If they’re not secure in their positions, then you need to take care of the situation immediately. The last thing you want is to have to walk on top of a deck that trembles noticeably any time you go from point A to point B.

Our team members can assist you with erosion that’s close to posts. They can assist you with decks that haven’t been maintained in the correct manner throughout the years, too.

Should You Replace Your Home Deck?

Decks aren’t hardscapes that last forever. Replacement is basically inevitable. If you have a home deck that’s due for full replacement, then it may have drooping that relates to substructure destruction. If you stare at your deck and realize that you have an extensive termite infestation on your hands, then you need to zero in on replacement service.

If you gaze at your backyard deck only to pick up on an abundance of stains, then you should study up on all of your replacement options right away. You should never brush off a deck that has a significant degree of discoloration. Our custom deck constructor replacement services can eliminate a lot of uncertainty for you.

Incentives to Install a New Deck

Installing a fresh new deck can better your property’s appearance, curb appeal, and value. It can give you more space to entertain others. It can give you a place to take it easy and nap. If can provide you with more storage. If you want to steer clear of having to live in a cluttered residence, then getting a deck can be significant. A deck can make your home come across as being a lot more spacious. It can give your home a polished vibe as well. It doesn’t matter if you adore outdoor summertime barbecues, lazy afternoon naps, or anything else. Getting a deck can prove to be an incredibly thrilling home update.

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