Lansing’s Best Ice Dam Removal Service

Every winter we get at least one or two storms that hit us hard, dumping huge amounts of snow or freezing rain all across the region. If enduring these storms wasn’t bad enough, it’s the aftermath that can be the real problem for many homeowners here in Lansing.

The danger might not be evident at first but when the freezing rain and snow piles up on your roof this winter, something called an Ice Dam can reap havoc on your home. In the early stage, an Ice Dams can merely look like concentrated icicles forming on the edge of your roof. However, if left to Mother Nature’s devices, these seemly benign hanging gardens of ice can quickly form into a terrible situation for you and your home.

The problem starts when Michigan’s winter storms roll in and blanket us with their usual surge of snow and freezing rain. When this precipitation hits your roof it will warm up and turn into water. If this layer of water freezes at the edge of your roof or gutter it may cause an ice barrier.

This barrier prevents the excess water from running off your roof a pool of water starts to build. This water can seep into the small cracks in the exterior of your roof and penetrate it. Once the water freezes again it expands and widens these gaps in your roof, allowing water to flow freely into the interior of your home. This will eventually cause immense damage if not dealt with immediately.

Can Ice Dam Removal Be Dangerous?

Many people think that removing an ice dam is as easy as pushing it off. If climbing up on your roof to use a shovel to push it off has crossed your mind, don’t do it! It can be a terrible mistake for your roof and your wellbeing. Additionally, if you’ve thought about trying to use a hose and spray it off, please don’t! It will only worsen the situation by a magnitude of ten.

Over the past 25 years of ice dam removals, we have virtually seen it all. Unfortunately, we’re usually the ones that have to repair these preventable mishaps created by homegrown removal methods.

How Does Ice Dam Removal Ruin a Roof?

Other than do it yourself methods, many local contractors have ruined roofs by misusing high-pressure washers to remove ice dams. The problem with a high-pressure sprayer is it can be even more damaging than the ice dam itself. If mishandled it will force more water further into your home’s interior and only exasperate the problem.

We use a much safer, more effective tool called the Arctic Steamer. It’s an extraordinary machine that’s made specifically for ice dam removal. It uses a simple and highly effective technology that sprays a perfectly pressurized steam solution to safely rid a roof of even the most advanced stage ice dam.

The Arctic Steamer is also an insurance company’s dream come true. They’ve shelled out millions in roof repairs due to these disastrous ice glaciers. Now they gladly pay us to preemptively nip Jack Frost’s evil plan in the bud with our Arctic Steamer.

The Arctic Steamer might be a revolutionary tool but it’s a bit pricey. Due to this cost barrier, most local contractors are still using power washers. However, our investment in the Arctic Steamer has paid off. Not only because it’s a better way to remove ice dams from our customer’s roofs but we’ve also become the preferred vendor for most of Mid-Michigan’s insurance companies as well.

Need Ice Dam Removal? Give Us a Call!

Now that we’re the go-to contractor for most insurance companies, most will pay for our safer ice dam removal services. If you see any signs of an ice dam forming or want us to come out to assess the situation, give us a call at (517) 627-7999. If you would rather we called you, then fill out our online contact form here.