Multi-Family Services

Elieff Brothers Roofing has over 25 years of experience in providing commercial multi-family services. We are equipped to handle any large-scale multi-family project no matter the size. Our multi-family services usually consist of one or a combination of the following:

  • Installing a new or replacement roof
  • Install windows & doors
  • Install or replace the exterior siding

Through our vast experience providing multi-family services, we’ve figured out the best ways to overcome most of the inherent complexities of these projects sometimes have. Another reason we get it right every time is our in-house, well-trained team, and our high-tech tools and machines necessary to service the large jobs.

Elieff Brothers Roofing has more experience than any other contractor in the area and through this reputation, we have even been called to work on multi-family projects as far away as Detriot and Grand Rapids. We are known for providing clear communication and dedicated personnel and processes, to ensures their services are always transparent and the stakeholders are always well informed and up to date.

Providing Multi-Family Services Throughout Michigan

For more than 25 years, Elieff Brothers Roofing and Exteriors has handled a full range of multi-family projects throughout the state of Michigan. From apartment buildings with hundreds of windows to small condo complexes with a handful of residents, no matter the uniqueness or size of the project Elieff Brothers have serviced it all.

  • Condominium Complexes: We will work with you and your HOA to answer questions and provide a clear statement of work and well-established budgets for the project to make it easier for you to communicate our value proposition to HOA or a planning community. If you’re not comfortable presenting our plan, we can even step in and present it for you. Additionally, we’ve found that making sure everyone in the HOA is on the same page and up to speed is critical to the success of any condo project. Creating well-established timeframes and/or segmented phases is another crucial factor in any condo project. When these two things are handled correctly and align with everyone’s expectations, it always results in success.
  • Apartment Buildings: When it comes to the apartment buildings, we help the owner,  landlord, and/or property manager identify the building’s needs and find a project plan that aligns with the desired budget. Once we have these aspects in place, we present a clear outlined statement of work and work to all the stakeholders and work with them to plan an executable timeline. Additionally, through clear communication and decades of honing our large commercial building techniques, we will make this project go off without a hitch and finish on time and within the set budget.

We offer a wide range of commercial exterior services for our commercial multi-family customers. These services are similar to our other commercial services, but take into account multi-family projects have main strange and potentially we have on-staff specialists that understand the nuances of dealing with tenants and HOAs. Below are brief explanations of multi-family exterior services.

Multi-Family Services – Roof Instaallatinons, Repair & Replacements

We offer installation, repair, or replacement roofing service to multi-family structures. When handling a roofing project it’s usually necessary to have a plan with a phased and structured timeline in place so tenants and owners can be notified and can plan around these time-frames. Elieff Brothers, know exactly what it takes to accomplish these types of projects when dealing with Multi-Family.

For example, structures that are more than one floor, additions, or repairs may only affect the top levels of the structure and may only need a one-phase approach. However, when dealing with a single floor project we may need a staggered phase approach, to help minimize the impact of the project on the tenants and owners.

Either way, we will work with the landlord, the owner(s), or HOA to work out the best approach, timeline, and budget to successfully implement the roofing project.

Multi-Family Services – Window and Door Installations

When replacing, repairing, or installing windows and doors in a multi-family structure it can impact the owner or tenant of the building. We are extremely sensitive to this issue and work tirelessly with management to structure an approach that will have minimal impact on the building’s residents. Onc the plan is in place. we execute on time and within budget to makes sure your project is a success.

Multi-Family Services – Siding Installations & Replacements

Luckily when a multi-family structure requires only exterior siding repair or replacement, we can usually accomplish these installs with little to no impact on the residents. If there is a potential need to vacate areas of the building for us to accomplish the services successfully, then just like in the previous services we will work with management or the HOA to create a plan to implement our services swiftly and with minimal impact to the residents.