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How to Get the Right Residential Siding Services

Choosing the best residential siding contractor is something that people need to take extremely seriously. There are a lot of reasons not to be flippant or just choose the lowest cost bid from any old residential siding contractor. Your home’s exterior and structural integrity is nothing to mess around with and you want a contractor that not only gives you a beautiful result but also provides a service that will unlock a product top level of warranties.

Our experienced experts will help give a home a decent look with a tailored appearance that protects and captivates and our residential siding contractor licenses with the manufacturers ensure you get the best warranties possible. However, to give you even more peace of mind, Elieff Brothers also guarantees all of our work with our own unmatch workmanship guarantees.

Home Siding Repair

If your home’s siding has faded, broken, or been damaged, it’s time to give us a call. Don’t wait till things get out of control because if the damaged siding is left untreated or compromised it may jeopardize your overall home’s structural integrity and could cause serious irreplaceable damage.

When you choose a good residential siding contractor to install or replace your siding, their work should last around 15-20 years. Anything short of this usually is because they used bad materials or the contractor installed your siding poorly.

Signs that your home is in immediate need of siding repairs?

  • A hail storm damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Cracks, chips, and splits in the paneling
  • Holes in the siding
  • Broken siding
  • Exterior paint peeling

If your home is experiencing any of the above issues, you should give us a call immediately. We’ll send one of our siding experts over to assess your home’s issues, totally free of charge. After they have completed the assessment, they will sit down with you to discuss your options, and before any work is started we make sure to get you a detailed proposal of all the work to be done and the true associated costs without any hidden fees or charges.

Our Home Siding Installation

If you’re building a new home or just replacing the exterior with a new layer of siding, then Elieff Brothers should be your first call.  We are known throughout Lansing and the surrounding areas as the best residential siding contractor around. Our workmanship, customer service, and product selection set us apart from any other siding contractor in the area. If you want more than our word on this just take a look at some of our reviews on Facebook or Google

Signs that might indicate your home is in need of siding installation or replacement?

  • Your home has mold, fungus, and mildew coming through the walls
  • The siding is loose or even cracked in several places
  • The siding is rotted
  • Your wallpaper is peeling or loose
  • When the siding is warped in several places
  • Internal paint is peeling or stained
  • You suddenly have higher cooling or heating utility bills

If your house has any of these aforementioned issues, it’s time to give us a ring. Thes issues could be signs that the exterior of your house is in serious trouble and needs immediate professional attention. Additionally, if you just want a new exterior to enhance your home’s curb appeal we can help you there as well. We have the best architectural siding options around and our residential siding experts will make your house look amazing.

Our Material Selection

The thing about the siding materials is every location needs the right type of siding to handle specific issues like climate and mother nature’s natural wear and tear. We have been installing and repair siding for nearly three decades and know the right type of siding for our area. Michigan has a very cold winter and some pretty severe storms that will destroy the wrong type of siding. Not all singing is made to withstand these extremes but our experience and partnerships with the best manufacturers ensure that you will get the best product for both the location and look of your home.

Many James Hardie or CertainTeed Vinyl sidings are insulated, stylish, and weather-resistant enough to withstand our climate and either companies’ selection is vast so you can be sure to find the right look for your house. These vinyl sidings will give your home the beautiful exterior you’re seeking, and are available in countless different textures, colors, and designs. It also makes it so adaptable to the architectural styles and tastes. The product is built to last, and people can experience real beauty for their houses. When it has been installed correctly, it becomes water-resistant, something which improves the house’s lifespan.