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Storm Damage Restoration

You Have A Choice When It Comes To Storm Damage

Did you know that you can decide which contractor repairs any storm damage done to your home? It’s true! Insurance companies want you to believe that they choose who repairs your home following a storm, but you are the one who gets to decide. It’s called steering – don’t let the insurance company push you around!

Your insurance company is required to replace your roof or siding if either has been damaged by a storm. Here in Michigan, we’re no strangers to storms. Whether it be strong winds from a thunderstorm, hail damage, or even snow or ice buildup from a winter storm, our homes are not always capable of standing up to the elements. That is why it’s important to know which company you’d like to hire in the event of storm damage to your home. Also, it’s important for you to understand what all your insurance company is required to replace. Contact us today to learn more.


If a storm brings heavy rain or snow, you could end up with an ice dam on your roof. Ice dams can cause extensive damage by tearing roof shingles. Both homeowners and insurance companies are well aware of their destructiveness to homes. Historically, insurance adjusters permit the use of high-pressure power washers to remove the ice. However, high water pressure actually destroys shingles. That is why we purchased the Arctic Steamer, a unique piece of equipment that can remedy both problems. The Arctic Steamer will remove the ice dam without damaging shingles. Insurance adjusters generally welcome this method to be used on homes.

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Have Elieff Brothers take a look at your home following a storm to make sure you are getting proper compensation from the insurance company. The Elieff Brothers have nearly 30 years of experience working with all insurance companies so you can trust that we’ll give you expert advice.

We have an in-house agent who works directly with insurance companies and handles all negotiations. He works as an advocate for our customers to ensure they get exactly what they deserve! Remember, we’re on your side!

Picking up the pieces and putting your property back together following a storm is upsetting enough. Let Elieff Brothers lighten the burden with quality storm damage repair services!

We always tell our customers to be prepared for storms and the damage they might bring.

Storms can bring all kinds of unforeseen damage from hail, wind, fallen trees, lightning – you name it! Plus, it’s not always obvious that your roof has been damaged following a storm. This is why we recommend getting your roof inspected if there’s been a major storm in your area. Remember, when in doubt, have the Elieff Brothers check it out!

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