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Here at Elieff Brothers Roofing, we take our time with our customers. We listen to what they want and never tell them what they need. We go above and beyond the call of duty for our customers because that’s what we’ve built our business on. What also sets us apart is our respect for our customers’ homes. We clean as we go. We won’t pile up trash on your property, instead, we put debris and other throwaway materials in a dumpster as we work.

Many times, we’ve been hired for a job by the neighbor of an existing customer. Two contractors could tell you exactly what you want to hear, but it’s in the actual work done where you’ll see the difference. Every year, We travel to several roofing events and conventions around the country to stay up to date with what’s new and trending in the field. Additionally, we like to visit different manufacturing facilities to learn the proper installation of certain products. Needless to say, we’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure we’re at our best, and therefore, able to give our customers the best.

When you work with Elieff Brothers Roofing, you’ll quickly learn why we’re a company that has built the majority of its business on word of mouth for nearly 30 years. Also, we are the only roofing company on the board of the Lansing Home Builders Association.

Lastly, our employees are trained to follow a certain protocol while on the job. We train our employees to show respect through communication and action with our customers. We hold ourselves to high standards, both personally and professionally! You just won’t find another roofing company that does it like us.

Our Story

Steve and Paul Elieff were born and raised here in the Lansing area. In 1985, they started working in the roofing industry with a well-respected local roofing contractor. They worked together learning the roofing trade until 1993 when they decided to start Elieff Brothers Roofing.

At first, Elieff Brothers only specialized in new construction roofing. They were responsible for the roofing of nearly 40 local building contractors. After they had nailed and scaled their commercial and new construction roofing business, they realized there was a real need in the market for servicing and replacing existing residential roofs.

They decided to add residential roof replacement and repair as an additive service but surprisingly, they soon found that working with homeowners to upgrade and beautify their homes was extremely rewarding because It gave them a chance to do more than simply install shingles. They decided to ramp up residential service as one of the main services the company offered, which helped them craft the customer-centric business they are known for today.

Since then, Elieff Brothers has branched out to become a complete residential and commercial exterior services company, installing not only asphalt roofing but metal roofing eaves, troughs, windows, and siding including vinyl and stone. Paul and Steve still incorporate a personal touch on every job by making sure each client has been meticulously looked after. Starting with the initial estimating process, all the way through installation and right down to the unveiling of the final product.

Why Choose Elieff Brothers For your Next Project?

To say the Elieff Brothers are committed to their customers’ satisfaction is simply an understatement. It is the company’s main objective. You can rest easy knowing that your project has been managed thoroughly and is guaranteed competently and our Facebook and Google ratings are a testament to our commitment. Thank you again for coming to visit us, we are looking forward to talking to you soon!

About Elieff Brothers Roofing

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